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Martial Arts is not only a physical art, but a means for students to get in touch with themselves through meditation and concentration. This simply means that when we enter the Dojahng/exercise studio we observe certain behaviors that will provide a sense of order and safety and help us to focus on what we are doing to achieve maximum results.
In addition all those who enter the school are obligated to support the students in their personal efforts by observing and respecting the rules of the school. When we visit someone's home we go in respect and while we are there we observe positive behaviors as we enjoy their hospitality. We ask the same of our students and visitors to our school.
                                                                                          DOJAHNG RULES
 1)Upon entering and leaving the Dojahng students must bow to the training hall and to the Sabomnim (Master) & students.
 2)Be on Time for class, Tardiness is a show of disrespect.
 3)All students must remove all jewelry and shoes before class with clean complete and proper uniform and belts which are
   required for training.
 4)No Food, No Drinks, No Gum No Candy permitted kn Dojahng. (Water Only)!!!
 5)NO Smoking!
 6)Fingernails and toenails must always be clean and trimmed.
 7)Never adjust your uniform facing the instructor or others, turn away while you adjust your uniform.
 8)Always pay attention to the instructor.
 9)Do not talk or interrupt the instructor.
10)Always answer clearly "Yes sir" or "Yes maam".
11)Do not touch or lean against mirrors or walls or windows.
12)When asked to sit, sit with legs crossed (Indian Style) with hands on knees.
13)If you need to leave before class ends, inform the instructor before class begins.
14)Practice only up to your belt form until you have received your next belt.
15)No free sparring without black belt's supervision.
16)Profanity, loss of temper &/or horseplay will not be tolerated.
17)Always train hard with honor and pride and try your best.

                    Self Control
                 Indomitable Spirit
1)Honor your parents
2)be respectful to your elders and all others
3)Be helpful and sharing between brothers and sisters
4)Be faithful to your friends
5)Be brave, never give up
6)Always try your hardest & do your best
7)always finish what you start
8)Establish trust for the art your school and between           teacher and student.

-Testing is a privilege and an honor.

-A minimum 16 classes &/or 8 per month between testing periods.

-Student is responsible for learning knowledge necessary to be promoted. to next level.

-If a student is late for testing they will not be able to test until next testing period(if you need to approve thru Sabomnim any late/early conflicts beforehand.)

-Children under 10 must test for half (1/2) belts. Unless invited to test.

-If you do not pass a test you will have to wait until next test & retest.

-Testing registration should be in early (show readiness & confidence)

-All students must wear clean unwrinkled uniform for belt testing ceremonies & competitions. You will not be allowed to participate without.

-Be prepared when you come have all of your equipment etc.

-Students memberships/accounts must be up to date/in good standing.