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New Hope Martial Arts Dallas, GA 678 895 6155

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New Hope Martial Arts
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New Hope Martial Arts Center (Hope=Helping Our People Excel) is committed and dedicated to helping our community.
New Hope Martial Arts Center offers training in Traditional and Olympic style
Tae Kwon Do as well as the art of Hapkido and Qi (Chi) Gong which are designed to open the mind strengthen the body and provide spiritual guidance by instilling family and community values.
Martial Arts dates back thousands of years into the B.C. era with its roots in Korean culture. While the arts are known for the beautiful and powerful strength training movements the tradition is designed to instill a full range of values. Focusing on developing the fullness of the human spirit.
The art provides training and benefits in the following areas:
- Respect for oneself, Family and community.
- Self confidence and self esteem
- Focus
- Overall health of mind and body
- Creativity
- Leadership skills
Group classes and personal training are both available.

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New Hope Martial Arts Center
Phone number 678 895 6155
Address: 4707 Dallas Acworth Hwy.
Dallas, GA. 30132
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