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Master White created New Hope Martial Arts Center for the purpose of giving back to the community
(Hope=Helping Our People Excel).
Here at New Hope Martial Arts we are committed and dedicated to helping our community.
Master White has a background that includes over 35 years of study in Martial Arts. With Black Belts and Master Degtrees in 
Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido, Master White is degreed and certified by Kukiwon and the World Tae Kwon Do Federation and Universal Hapkido organization.
We also offer Qi Gong and Qi Gong for seniors.
Master White has trained under traditional Korean Grand Masters in Georgia and Florida.
At New Hope Martial Arts we teach and train in traditional and olympic style martial arts.
(We practice what we teach.)

Customer Testimonials:
After only 3 months of our son becoming part of the New Hope Martial Arts family, we know this is a place we will be for years to come. Our older children have been involved in extra curricular activities for years and we were hopeful to find the perfect activity for our youngest child. His time with Master White learning Tae Kwon Do has been such an awesome experience already! In only 3 months we notice our son has more focus, more discipline, more self control and he is having such a great time, he doesn't even realize all of the wonderful qualities he is gaining! Master White is such a fabulous teacher. He is kind, very patient and fun. Yet he demands respect which he deserves immensely. He is a trustworthy man who loves what he does and it truly shows. We feel extremely confident that Master White is teaching and instilling great values in each and everyone of his students. Master White is dedicated to ensuring all of his students are given the attention, skills and reallywhatever it is they may need! We are thrilled to have found not just an "activity" for our son, but to have discovered his passion!
We are looking forward to years of being a part of this special family.
Shannon & Eric Pell 
Customer testimonials: 
I want to thank Master White for giving the seniors in Paulding County, the opportunity to learn Qi Gong. You have taught us about how important the way we breath can be and the energy that we get from very simple relaxed moves.
After taking your classes for over a month, I noticed a difference when it comes to my breathing and also the use of one of my arms. I used to live in a ranch style house but had to move last October. I now live in a townhouse, which has stairs and something I am not used to..I would find myself huffing and puffing after going up the stairs, but since taking your Qi Gong classes my breathing seems to be a lot better after attempting the stairs. Also after falling off a chair about 11 months ago, I hurt my arm and had pain when moving it too far back or reaching up, but I have noticed I now have the ability to move it a lot further and more often without much pain as before and I believe this is because of what you taught me.
I would definitely recommend this class to everyone and I look forward to every class which I enjoy very, very much.
Thank you!
Sissy Demma
I enjoy Master White's Qi Gong class. The different movements and breathing techniques are very helpful to me. I suffer from MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and have for 35 years (since 1978). Chi Kung is very peaceful and good for my body. I feel much stronger and I have more stamina. My muscles are working better and the strength in my legs are constantly increasing. I used a walker to get around for years because I could not keep my balance but I no longer need it. I feel stronger better balance and I've noticed my breathing is easier and I have recently been able to do a 1 hour session without taking a break or sitting down to rest. Master White's teaching Chi Kung has truly helped me achieve a level of health I have not had in years.
Joyce M. Vasquez